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Writer/Editor/Business Communications

Bob Diddlebock/Denver, CO

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Bob Diddlebock is a seasoned writer/​editor with deep roots in popular culture, business, information management and technology.

He counts 25 years of experience creating editorial content, developing competitive intelligence and knowledge/​information-management strategies, and crafting editorial growth and business-development prospects for a number of U.S.-based media outlets, new media concerns, startups and independent clients.

Mr. Diddlebock’s expertise also runs into speechwriting, copywriting, non-quantitative analysis and corporate management.

He's a two-time Pulitzer Prize nominee and western U.S. correspondent for CNBC and TIME magazine, and his work has been published in The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Ad Age, The Denver Business Journal, The Chicago Tribune, The Sporting News and The Boston Globe, among other outlets.

Before founding Diddlebock, Ltd. in 2001, Mr. Diddlebock had been a senior editor and senior technology research fellow at DiamondCluster International, Inc. in Chicago. At the publicly traded technology and new media consulting firm, he was an editor/​writer at the National Magazine Award-winning CONTEXT magazine (, where he tracked technology’s and new media’s applications in business worldwide.

After leaving the newspaper business in the late 1990s, Mr. Diddlebock was a new media/​telecom analyst at Janco Partners, Inc., in Denver. He managed the investment banking firm’s institutional coverage and investment strategies centering on the Internet; tracked investment opportunities for regional and national institutional investors in the cable TV, DBS, wireless, and new media sectors; crafted competitive intelligence and information-management policies; and developed investment banking relationships in local, regional and national telecommunications/​new media sectors.

Before joining Janco Partners, Mr. Diddlebock was a telecom/​new media reporter/​editor at The Denver Post; the editor of Cowles Business Media’s CABLE WORLD magazine; and the VP/​Editorial Operations at TransMedia Partners, Inc. in Denver, whose stable of magazines covered the global telecom industry.

He is a Wilkes College (Pennsylvania) and Syracuse University Newhouse School of Communications alum.

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